Friday, 22 March 2013

Bob in Pleven, Bulgaria

Picture courtesy of Angela Gaote

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  1. Oh, someone is post before me, but yes Bob is star here in Bulgaria!
    I read book for one night, on holus-bolus. When I bought it I was small scared, I'm totally against exploitation of animals,so I stay away from every circus and other show that learn animals on tricks for people fun, so I wasn't sure do this is some new commercial trick to sell books.

    I'm so happy to learn that Bob actually is equal partner of James!I'm not surprised how Bob can change someone life, but I'm very impressed how James defend it from the dog attack!

    Me and my cats, 4 from them adopted from street (I have big yard so it's alright) and even my dog, get it from same place (she is cat friend and want to distinguish it from the rude representatives of their kind, most are such angels), send James and Bob best wishes from Bulgaria.

    We have big problem with street animals here and famous success of this book will help to convince people that to adopt animals is same like to buy some with special breeds, because important is what is your soul, not what is your label.